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Welcome to Handfast Hotel

a brand focusing on the ritual of hand embroidery.

The Process

The art of embroidery can be dated back to 30,000 BC and has been found embellishing the garments of all cultures throughout history. It is done by needle + thread; much like a brush to canvas, each stroke is one stitch made. Unlike machine embroidery, each handmade embroidered piece is one-of-a-kind in nature as it holds each thought and emotion made by the artist.


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Rituals, engrained within humanity since it's foundation, are categorized as religious or solemn ceremonies consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.  Each stitch is the count of a rosary bead, as the work calls upon the personal ritualistic experiences of the founder. With both  Catholic and Occult influences, much of Handfast Hotel's content is a discussion of religious practices through the eyes of a third-generation Mexican-American womxn. 

The Ritual

Commissioned work

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Interested in commissioning a hand embroidered piece on a jacket of your own? 

Black Witch Moth Short Film

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Si no sanas hoy,

sanarรกs maรฑana

Photo by Daniel Robert Juenemann

Photo by Daniel Robert Juenemann


The Artist

Davรญ Leal is an Artist & Photographer based in San Francisco, CA. Born in Corpus Christi (TX) and raised in the inner city of Milwaukee (WI), she graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a degree in Fine Arts. She finds there is something special about the energy in the desert, where she escapes to as much as possible to recharge and practice the rituals at hand. In between these projects and travel, you can find her photographing her surroundings and shaping ideas through art direction in film + video. You can find more of her work here.