Black Witch Moth Short Film

The Black Witch Moth only flies at night


Black Witch Moth is a short film Directed + Edited by Handfast Hotel founder Daví Leal. This moving fashion editorial explores the folklore of the Black Witch Moth, a common species found in Mexico & Central America. There are many tales about this creature-- most known is that it is the harbinger of death. Woven together with color and sound, the drumbeat of the film is a dance between death and death itself. 


Screening at Madrone Art Bar until July 2017




Directed + Edited by Daví Leal 

Performed by Yuly Mireles

Camera Operator: Steve James

Gaffer: Dan Juenemann

Grip + Electric: Pete Peterson

Hair + Makeup: Lisa Zomer



Comission Information

"Rainbow Cuntnection" - Commissioned in San Francisco

"Rainbow Cuntnection" - Commissioned in San Francisco

Hey y'all, Daví here! Handfast Hotel is a brand birthed out of the love of adornment and tactile practices. As an artist, it would be an honor to add a one-of-a-kind design to your second (well, technically fourth) skin that you can keep for multiple lifetimes. Here are a few things to know before we get started: 

  • Due to the nature of hand-stitching, orders will take 4 to 10 weeks depending on the intricacy and size of the final design. 
  • Commissions start at $300 with a non-refundable deposit once the process begins.
  • Final price includes shipping of commissioned piece. Finished pieces will be mailed back once payment is completed 
  • Currently I am working solely with denim jackets, but if you have another fabric base you would like the piece to live-- let's discuss! 
  • Live in San Francisco? Let's meet to discuss! I dig coffee.